What are Light Planet Fire Sales?

Light Planet’s Fire Sales generally consist of market leading products the needs to be moved for a number of reasons.

Please do not be alarmed by the insanely cheap pricing. All products sold here are brand new and in perfect working order, unless otherwise clearly documented.

Often suppliers like us will find that warehouse space is very tight or stock holdings have not dropped as expected and needs to be moved fast. We believe that the easiest and quickest way to do this is to auction them off at below cost pricing.

Light Planet’s Fires Sales are conducted via online auctions. You need to register in order to place a bid. Registrations take 2 minutes to conduct.

You need to bid in order secure a product. The highest bidder at the end of the auction period will win that item.

If you have the winning bid you will usually be contacted within 24 – 48 hours in order to arrange delivery or pick up of your goods.

Please note that all auction items do not include shipping. This amount is to be added to the final price once we know where the goods are to be send. Alternatively, all goods can be picked up from our Port Melbourne warehouse for no additional charge.

Please view the FAQ page for further and more detailed information.

Happy bidding!

Three key processes to note…



Registrations literally take 2 minutes to conduct.
You can register by following the blue register tab at the top of the page. You will need to add you credit card details in order to place a bid. Your card will not be charged until you have been contacted and you are a winning bidder of an auction.

Auctions & Bidding

All items sold through this platform are done via a 7 day auction.
Once registered you can bid on any live auction item. If you remain the highest bidder at the end of an auction then you have won the item. You will be contacted shortly after the conclusion of the auction.

Payment & Shipping

You will be contacted within 24 - 48 hours of the auction being won to work out if you would like your items shipped or picked up. Once confirmed your credit card will be charged the total auction amount +GST and shipping if required. Shipping can be removed should you wish to pick your goods up from our Port Melbourne warehouse. Light Planet offer flat rate shipping to each state. Please view the shipping tab for further information.