Market Leading Products

At Below Cost Pricing…

Light Planet’s new FIRE SALES auction site, where you will

find UNBEATABLE deals on lighting products!

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Market leading products at BELOW cost pricing. Get in quick, and scoop up a deal!

What are Light Planet

Fire Sales?

Market Leading Products
At Below Cost Prices

Market leading products, mostly at below cost pricing. To put it simply, lighting suppliers like us often find themselves with excess stock that needs to be moved out of our inventory and often quickly.

Move Stock Fast
at Insanely Cheap Prices

Fire Sales are a great way to move stock fast, given their insanely cheap pricing. Please do not be alarmed by the pricing. All products, unless specified, are brand new & in perfect working order.

Overstocked Auction
in 7 – 10 Days

Light Planet’s Fire Sales are conducted via an auction process that usually runs for 7 – 10 days & start with an opening bid.  You need to be registered in order to bid. Registrations take 2 minutes. Happy Bidding!

Get in QUICK before

They sell out!